Test Series

The Main Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory. Our Test Series is a comprehensive and intensive ‘interactive’ learning program focusing on sincere IAS Aspirants who will appear in Civil Service Exam. Our faculties provide step by step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and preparing them for effective answer writing.

The “Test Series” confers multiple benefits on the candidates. It will induce a sense of regularity with candidates’ preparation. It will enable the candidates to fine tune their preparations. It will guide them to develop better understanding of the concepts, basic principles and factual aspects of the optional subjects. To provide a comparative analysis of the candidates’ performance, the Institute will publish on its website every week, ranks, total scores, negative marks net scores obtained by the candidates in the tests.

The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and take a view on conflicting socio- economic goals, objectives and demands.

The candidates must give relevant, meaningful and succinct answers.

The scope of the syllabus for optional subject papers for the examination is broadly of the honours degree level i.e. a level higher than the bachelors’ degree and lower than the masters’ degree.

Accordingly, PRAGATI IAS with the vast experience at its disposal, is able to guide the students writing the Main exam in a comprehensive manner so that their answer writing skills are pruned, polished and made exam-oriented.

To provide the students with an exact simulation of the UPSC CSE Main Exam, we have introduced the Answer–cum–question booklet format as is the actual practice in UPSC CSE Main Exam.

Questions are framed in such a manner as to judge the depth of understanding of candidates relating to the topic in question.

The content of the answer is more important than its length, is the often repeated instruction in the UPSC CSE Main Exam question papers and it is our constant endeavour to check and evaluate the candidates’ answer scripts according to the above adage. Feedback is usually written in the answer scripts wherever required.


Evaluation and feedback system is designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.

Exhaustive discussions by the teachers are held after every test to provide a roadmap of ideal approach requiring conceptual clarity and interdisciplinary interlinking on the topics asked in the test series. Brain-storming and doubt- clearing on the topics where more clarity is required, is the natural outcome of such discussions. Model answers are provided to the students during such discussions.


Geography - Schedule - 2017 Test Series